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Mastery Goals

The quiz will emphasize the following points.
  1. Recently, ____ has become an essential part of the information processing cycle.Answer: communications [P; Ch1]
  2. Some people refer to the series of input, process, output, and storage activities as the information ____ cycle.Answer: processing [P; Ch1]
  3. A(n) ____ device is any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer.Answer: input [P; Ch1]
  4. A(n) ____ device is any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people.Answer: output [P; Ch1]
  5. A(n) ____ device records (writes) and/or retrieves (reads) items to and from storage media.Answer: storage [P; Ch1]
  6. A(n) ____ disc, such as a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc, is a flat, round, portable metal disc with a plastic coating.Answer: optical [P; Ch1]
  7. The ____ unit is a case that contains electronic components of a computer that are used to process data.Answer: system [P; Ch1]
  8. The ____ is the electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer.Answer: central processing unit (CPU) [P; Ch1]
  9. A(n) ____ is a collection of computers and devices connected together via communications devices and transmission media.Answer: network [P; Ch1]
  10. The term ____ refers to Web sites that provide a means for users to share personal information, allow users to modify the Web site contents, and/or have software built into the site for users to access.Answer: Web 2.0 [P; Ch1]
  11. A(n) ____ computer is a personal computer you can carry from place to place.Answer: mobile [P; Ch1]
  12. A(n) ____ is a handheld device that is used primarily for reading digital books.Answer: e-book reader [P; Ch1]
  13. Some ____ computers are industry-specific computers that often are used by mobile employees, such as parcel delivery people.Answer: handheld [P; Ch1]
  14. ____ provide personal organization functions such as a calendar, appointment book, address book, calculator, and notepad.Answer: PDAs (personal digital assistants) [P; Ch1]
  15. A PDA differs from a(n) ____ in that it usually does not provide phone capabilities and may not be Internet-enabled, support voice input, have a built-in camera, or function as a portable media player.Answer: smart phone [P; Ch1]
  16. Offering the convenience of one-handed operation, a(n) ____ is an Internet-enabled telephone.Answer: smart phone [P; Ch1]
  17. Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 are examples of ____. Answer: game consoles [P; Ch1]
  18. A(n) ____ controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on a network and provides a centralized storage area for programs, data, and information.Answer: server [P; Ch1]
  19. A(n) ____ is a large, expensive, powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously.Answer: mainframe [P; Ch1]
  20. Consumer electronics, office machines, and automobiles all can contain ____ computers.Answer: embedded [P; Ch1]
  21. Give an example of rotating magnetic memory used in computersAnswer: hard disk, floppy disk [P; Ch1]
  22. Give an example of optical storage devices used in computers.Answer: CD, DVD [P; Ch1]
  23. Give an example of solid state storage devices used in computers.Answer: Flash drive, SD card, media cards [P; Ch1]
  24. A ______ is a portable storage device that is small and lightweight enough to be transported on a keychain or in a pocket.Answer: USB flash drive [P; Ch1]
  25. ______ involves reducing the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a computer.Answer: Green Computing [P; Ch1]
  26. A(n) ____ is any computer that provides services and connections to other computers on a network.Answer: host [P; Ch2]
  27. The _________ oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the Internet.Answer: W3C /or/ World Wide Web Consortium [P; Ch2]
  28. A(n) ____ provides high-speed Internet access through the cable television network via a cable modem.Answer: cable Internet service [P; Ch2]
  29. Unlike high-speed connections that always are on, with ____ access, you must establish a connection to the Internet.Answer: dial-up [P; Ch2]
  30. In addition to providing Internet access, a(n) _________, such as AOL or MSN, also has many members-only features, including special content and services.Answer: online service provider (OSP) [P; Ch2]
  31. A(n) ____ provider is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet free or for a fee.Answer: access [P; Ch2]
  32. The major carriers of traffic on the Internet are known collectively as the Internet ____.Answer: backbone [P; Ch2]
  33. A(n) ____ is the text version of an IP address.Answer: domain name [P; Ch2]
  34. A Web ____ is a computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer.Answer: server [P; Ch2]
  35. ____ is the process of a computer receiving information, such as a Web page, from a server on the Internet.Answer: Downloading [P; Ch2]
  36. A Web page has a unique address, called a(n) _________.Answer: URL Uniform Resource Locator [P; Ch2]
  37. Some people use the phrase, ____ the Web, to refer to the activity of using links to explore the Web.Answer: surfing [P; Ch2]
  38. A(n) ____ is a program that finds Web sites and Web pages.Answer: search engine [P; Ch2]
  39. To find Web pages easily, simply enter a word or phrase, called ____, in the text box.Answer: search text [P; Ch2]
  40. A(n) ____ Web site contains content that promotes or sells products or services.Answer: business/marketing [P; Ch2]
  41. A(n) ____ group of e-mail names and addresses given a single name.Answer: mailing list [P; Ch2]
  42. A(n) ____ is a location on an Internet server that permits users to have real-time, typed conversations with each other.Answer: chat room [P; Ch2]
  43. ____ is an Internet standard that permits the process of file uploading and downloading (transferring) with other computers on the Internet.Answer: File transfer protocol FTP [P; Ch2]
  44. A(n) ____ is an online area in which users have written discussions about a particular subject.Answer: newsgroup [P; Ch2]
  45. The rules of politeness and good behavior in e-mail, newsgroups, and chat rooms are called ____.Answer: netiquette [P; Ch2]
  46. According to the rules of netiquette, in e-mail, newsgroups, and chat rooms you should avoid sending or posting ____.Answer: flames [P; Ch2]
  47. ____ software is used as a business tool and to facilitate communications, to assist with graphics and multimedia projects, and to support home, personal, and educational activities.Answer: Application [P; Ch3]
  48. ____ software performs functions specific to a business or industry. Answer: Custom [P; Ch3]
  49. ____ is copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period. Answer: Shareware [P; Ch3]
  50. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all examples of popular personal computer ____ systems. Answer: operating [P; Ch3]
  51. ____ software serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer’s hardware. Answer: System [P; Ch3]
  52. A ____ is a small image displayed on the screen that represents a program, a document, or some other object. Answer: icon [P; Ch3]
  53. The ____ is a symbol displayed on the screen that moves as you move the mouse. Answer: pointer [P; Ch3]
  54. A(n) ____ is a named collection of stored data, instructions, or information. Answer: file [P; Ch3]
  55. Once loaded into memory, a program is displayed in a(n) ____, which is a rectangular area of the screen that displays data and/or information. Answer: window [P; Ch3]
  56. ____ software is a type of application software that allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a group. Answer: Presentation [P; Ch3]
  57. A(n) ____ is a type of application software that includes an appointment calendar, address book, note pad, and other features to help users organize personal information. Answer: PIM personal information manager [P; Ch3]
  58. A popular file format used by document management software to save converted documents is ____.Answer: PDF Portable Document Format [P; Ch3]
  59. ____ software is a type of application software that helps companies record and report their financial transactions.Answer: Accounting [P; Ch3]
  60. ____ software provides a means for sharing, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user. Answer: Document management [P; Ch3]
  61. ____ software is a sophisticated type of application software that assists a professional user in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs. Answer: CAD (Computer-aided design) [P; Ch3]
  62. ____ software is a type of application software that enables professional designers to create sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors. Answer: DTP (Desktop publishing) [P; Ch3]
  63. ____ software provides the capabilities of paint software and also includes the ability to enhance and modify existing pictures and images.Answer: Image editing [P; Ch3]
  64. Describe how spreadsheets are organized.Answer: Data is organized vertically in columns and horizontally in rows on each worksheet. [P; Ch3]
  65. Name the three different types of spreadsheet cell data.Answer: Cells may contain three types of data: labels, values, and formulas. [P; Ch3]
  66. Give the characterists of this type of spreadsheet cell data: valuesAnswer: are numbers, and may be used in numeric computation [P; Ch3]
  67. Explain what it means to have a spreadsheet cell containing: =B4+C4Answer: this is a formula, a mathematical expression for calculating a result of adding the contents of cells B4 and C4 [P; Ch3]
  68. Give the characterists of this type of spreadsheet cell data: Text or labelAnswer: The text, or label, entered in a cell identifies the worksheet data and helps organize the workshee with descriptive labels, [P; Ch3]
  69. On desktop computers, the electronic components and most storage devices are part of the ____ unit.Answer: system [P; Ch4]
  70. The ____ unit is a case that contains the electronic components of the computer used to process data.Answer: system [P; Ch4]
  71. The ____ is the main circuit board of the system unit.Answer: motherboard /or/ system board [P; Ch4]
  72. A computer ____ is a small piece of semiconducting material, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched.Answer: chip [P; Ch4]
  73. ____ contain a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU).Answer: Central Processor Unit (CPU) [P; Ch4]
  74. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise a(n) ____: (1) fetching, (2) decoding, (3) executing, and (4) storing.Answer: machine cycle [P; Ch4]
  75. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise machine cycle: (1) ______, (2) decoding, (3) executing, and (4) storing.Answer: fetching [P; Ch4]
  76. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise machine cycle: (1) fetching, (2) _________, (3) executing, and (4) storing.Answer: decoding [P; Ch4]
  77. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise machine cycle: (1) fetching, (2) decoding, (3) __________, and (4) storing.Answer: executing [P; Ch4]
  78. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise machine cycle: (1) fetching, (2) decoding, (3) executing, and (4) ________Answer: storing [P; Ch4]
  79. The processor relies on a small quartz crystal circuit called the ____ clock to control the timing of all computer operations.Answer: system [P; Ch4]
  80. Current personal computer processors have clock speeds in the ____ range, which equals one billion ticks of the system clock per second.Answer: GHz (gigahertz) [P; Ch4]
  81. A(n) ____ is the smallest unit of data a computer can process.Answer: bit [P; Ch4]
  82. The term bit is shortened from what words?Answer: bit is short for binary digit [P; Ch4]
  83. The ____ scheme, which is the most widely used coding scheme to represent data, is used by most personal computers and servers.Answer: ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) [P; Ch4]
  84. ASCII data represents what kind of data?Answer: character data, such as the letters and characters on a keyboard [P; Ch4]
  85. Most computers are ____, which means that they recognize only two discrete states: on and off.Answer: binary [P; Ch4]
  86. In a digital computer, why is binary a particular advantage over other number bases such as octal or decimal.Answer: binary values require simpler circuits for add, subtract, and other basic computations [P; Ch4]
  87. Most computers are ____, which means that they store information as discrete states rather than as a continuously varying physical measure like voltage.Answer: digital [P; Ch4]
  88. Computers which are ____ store information as a continuously varying physical measure like voltage.Answer: analog [P; Ch4]
  89. Computers use the ____ system, which is a number system that has just two unique digits, 0 and 1, called bits.Answer: binary [P; Ch4]
  90. When 8 bits are grouped together as a unit, they form a(n) ____.Answer: byte [P; Ch4]
  91. When 1024 bytes are grouped together as a unit, they form a(n) ____.Answer: kilobyte [P; Ch4]
  92. ____ stores the operating system and other system software that control or maintain the computer and its devices, application programs that carry out a specific task, and the data being processed by application programs and the resulting information.Answer: Memory or RAM [P; Ch4]
  93. A(n) ____ is equal to approximately one million bytes.Answer: MB (megabyte) [P; Ch4]
  94. A(n) ____ is equal to exactly 1,024 bytes, but often is rounded down to 1,000 bytes.Answer: KB (kilobyte) [P; Ch4]
  95. A(n) ____ is equal to approximately 1 trillion bytes.Answer: TB (terabyte) [P; Ch4]
  96. ____ is the most common type of volatile memory. Answer: RAM (Random access memory) [P; Ch4]
  97. The goal of ____ is to incorporate comfort, efficiency, and safety in the design of the workplace.Answer: ergonomics [P; Ch5]
  98. A(n) ____ is a pointing device that fits comfortably under the palm of your hand. Answer: mouse [P; Ch5]
  99. A(n) ____ is a stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side. Answer: trackball [P; Ch5]
  100. A(n) ____ is a small, flat, rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion. Answer: touchpad [P; Ch5]
  101. A(n) ____ is a small metal or plastic device, slightly smaller than a digital pen that looks like a tiny pen but uses pressure instead of ink. Answer: stylus [P; Ch5]
  102. A(n) ____ is a flat, rectangular, electronic, plastic board used by architects, mapmakers, designers, and artists. Answer: graphics tablet [P; Ch5]
  103. ____ devices include a small optical scanner for reading characters and sophisticated software to analyze what is read. Answer: Optical character recognition (OCR) [P; Ch5]
  104. A(n) ____ document is a document that you return to the company that creates and sends it. Answer: turnaround [P; Ch5]
  105. ____ involves reading typewritten, computer-printed, or hand-printed characters from ordinary documents and translating the images into a form the computer can process. Answer: OCR (Optical character recognition) [P; Ch5]
  106. ____ devices read hand-drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles. Answer: OMR (Optical mark recognition) [P; Ch5]
  107. ____ is a technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a cell phone to complete a payment instead of swiping a credit card.Answer: Near Field Communication (NFC) [P; Ch5]
  108. ____ is a technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person. Answer: Radio frequency identification (RFID) [P; Ch5]
  109. A(n) ____ reader frequently is used by the banking industry for check processing. Answer: Magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR) [P; Ch5]
  110. ____ is the technology of authenticating a person’s identity by verifying a personal characteristic. Answer: Biometrics [P; Ch5]
  111. Biometric devices measure the shape and size of a person's hand using a hand ____ system. Answer: geometry [P; Ch5]
  112. A(n) ____ often is found in retail stores to record purchases, process credit or debit cards, and update inventory. Answer: Point of Sale (POS) terminal [P; Ch5]
  113. __________is a category of input printed in magazines for you to scan with a cell phone to find more informationAnswer: Quick Response (QR) codes a form of bar code [P; Ch5]
  114. Quick Response (QR) codes are a form of bar code, but what do these bars look likeAnswer: it is a square pattern with square dots and spaces between dots [P; Ch5]
  115. What words are shortened to form the term: pixelAnswer: picture element [P; Ch5]
  116. The term for 1 quadrillion bytes is ____.Answer: petabyte [P; Ch6]
  117. The term for 210 (1025) bytes is ____.Answer: kilobyte [P; Ch6]
  118. The term for 220 (1024*1024) bytes is ____.Answer: megabyte [P; Ch6]
  119. The term for 210 (1025) bytes is ____.Answer: kilobyte [P; Ch6]
  120. The term for 10-6 second is ____.Answer: microsecond [P; Ch6]
  121. The term for 10-9 second is ____.Answer: nanosecond [P; Ch6]
  122. The term for 10-12 second is ____.Answer: picosecond [P; Ch6]
  123. Storage devices access data in ____ of a second.Answer: thousandths (milliseconds) /or/ millionths (microseconds) [P; Ch6]
  124. ____ measures the amount of time it takes a storage device to locate an item on a storage medium.Answer: Access time [P; Ch6]
  125. Memory (chips) accesses data items in ____ of a second.Answer: billionths (nanoseconds) [P; Ch6]
  126. How much longer is a millisecond than a microsecond?. Answer: a millisecond is a thousand times longer time than a microsecond [P; Ch6]
  127. How much longer is a millisecond than a microsecond?. Answer: a microsecond is a thousand times longer time than a nanosecond [P; Ch6]
  128. One ____ is equal to exactly 1,048,576 bytes. Answer: MB (megabyte) [P; Ch6]
  129. ____ is the number of bytes a storage medium can hold. Answer: Capacity [P; Ch6]
  130. ____ is the process of transferring data, instructions, and information from a storage medium into memory. Answer: Reading [P; Ch6]
  131. ____ is the process of transferring data, instructions, and information from memory to a storage medium. Answer: Writing [P; Ch6]
  132. A(n) ____ hard disk is a separate freestanding hard disk that connects with a cable to a USB port or FireWire port on a system unit.Answer: external [P; Ch6]
  133. A(n) _____ stores items by using microscopic pits and lands in its middle layer and is read by a laser beam. Answer: optical disc [P; Ch6]
  134. A high-powered laser light creates the ____ on an optical disc. Answer: pits [P; Ch6]
  135. The process of writing on an optical disc is called ____. Answer: burning [P; Ch6]
  136. Magnetic tape storage, requires _________________ access of data.Answer: sequential [P; Ch6]
  137. The operating system typically resides on the computer’s ____. Answer: hard disk [P; Ch7]
  138. The operating system a computer uses sometimes is called the ____. Answer: platform [P; Ch7]
  139. When turning on a computer that has been powered off completely, you are performing a(n) ____. Answer: cold boot [P; Ch7]
  140. ____ is the process of starting or restarting a computer. Answer: Booting [P; Ch7]
  141. With a(n) ____, you interact with menus and visual images such as buttons and other graphical objects to issue commands. Answer: GUI graphical user interface [P; Ch7]
  142. ____ memory is a concept in which the operating system allocates a portion of a storage medium to function as additional RAM. Answer: Virtual [P; Ch7]
  143. The operating system technique of swapping items between memory and storage is called ____. Answer: paging [P; Ch7]
  144. When an operating system spends much of its time paging, instead of executing application software, it is said to be ____. Answer: thrashing [P; Ch7]
  145. A(n) ____ is a segment of memory or storage in which items are placed while waiting to be transferred from an input device or to an output device. Answer: buffer [P; Ch7]
  146. To protect sensitive data and information as it travels over a network, an operating system often ____ it. Answer: encrypts [P; Ch7]
  147. Linux is ____ software, which means its code is available to the public for use, modification, and redistribution. Answer: open source [P; Ch7]
  148. Novell’s NetWare is a(n) ____ operating system. Answer: server [P; Ch7]
  149. UNIX and Linux often are called ____ operating systems because they are both stand-alone and server operating systems. Answer: multipurpose [P; Ch7]
  150. The operating system on most PDAs and small devices, called a(n) ____ operating system, resides on a ROM chip. Answer: embedded [P; Ch7]
  151. A(n) ____ copies itself repeatedly in memory or over a network, using up system resources and possibly shutting the system down. Answer: worm [P; Ch7]
  152. A(n) ____ hides within or looks like a legitimate program such as a screen saver. Answer: Trojan horse [P; Ch7]
  153. ____ is a program placed on a computer without the user’s knowledge that secretly collects information about the user. Answer: Spyware [P; Ch7]
  154. A(n) ____ channel is the transmission media on which the data, instructions, or information travel. Answer: communications [P; Ch8]
  155. A(n) ____ device initiates an instruction to transmit data, instructions, or information. Answer: sending [P; Ch8]
  156. A(n) ____ device accepts the transmission of data, instructions, or information. Answer: receiving [P; Ch8]
  157. A(n) ____ connects a communications channel to a sending or receiving device such as a computer. Answer: modem [P; Ch8]
  158. A(n) ____ is a navigation system that consists of one or more earth-based receivers that accept and analyze signals sent by satellites in order to determine the receiver’s geographical location. Answer: GPS (global positioning system) [P; Ch8]
  159. Many mobile devices have ____ capability built into the device or as an add-on feature used for navigation. Answer: GPS (global positioning system) [P; Ch8]
  160. A(n) ____ provides functions such as an electronic appointment calendar, address book, and a notepad. Answer: PIM (personal information manager) [P; Ch8]
  161. A(n) ____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, without the use of physical wires. Answer: wireless LAN (WLAN) [P; Ch8]
  162. A(n) ____ is a third-party business that provides networking services for a fee. Answer: VAN (value-added network) [P; Ch8]
  163. A(n) ____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, such as a home, school computer laboratory, office building, or closely positioned group of buildings. Answer: LAN (local area network) [P; Ch8]
  164. A(n) ____ is a high-speed network that connects LANs in a metropolitan area such as a city or town. Answer: MAN (metropolitan area network) [P; Ch8]
  165. A(n) ____ network is a simple, inexpensive network that typically connects fewer than 10 computers. Answer: peer-to-peer [P; Ch8]
  166. ____ has been adopted as a network standard for Internet communications. Answer: TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) [P; Ch8]
  167. A(n) ____ line is a temporary connection that uses one or more analog telephone lines for communications. Answer: dial-up [P; Ch8]
  168. A(n) ____ line is a type of always-on connection that is established between two communications devices. Answer: dedicated [P; Ch8]
  169. Database software often is called a(n) ____. Answer: DBMS (database management system) [P; Ch9]
  170. With a(n) ____, programmers create an idealized logical structure for their data. This saves them from having to deal directly with the complexity of the physical data storage. Answer: DBMS (database management system) [P; Ch9]
  171. Database software running as a server satisfies the data requests of computer programs which are producing reports or powering web sites. The language used for the program to specify a request from the database software is ____.Answer: Structured Query Languate (SQL) [P; Ch9]
  172. With a(n) ____, users create a computerized database; add, change, and delete data; sort and retrieve data; and create forms and reports from the data. Answer: DBMS (database management system) [P; Ch9]
  173. ____ is a computing phrase that points out that the accuracy of a computer’s output depends on the accuracy of the input. Answer: Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) [P; Ch9]
  174. Because it is used to generate information, most companies realize that ____ is one of their more valuable assets. Answer: data [P; Ch9]
  175. Explain the relationship between these three entities: information processing system, data, information Answer: data is the input to an information processing system, which produces information as output [P; Ch9]
  176. Data ____ determine(s) the quality of the data. Answer: integrity [P; Ch9]
  177. ____ information has an age suited to its use. Answer: Timely [P; Ch9]
  178. ____ information has meaning to the person who receives it. Answer: Useful [P; Ch9]
  179. ____ information is available when the decision maker needs it. Answer: Accessible [P; Ch9]
  180. In the ASCII coding scheme, each byte represents a single ____. Answer: character [P; Ch9]
  181. The ____ field of the data record enables the DBMS to quickly locate the desired record. It also makes sure that that record is unique, ie, not appearing more than once. Answer: primary key [P; Ch9]
  182. The ____ field of the data record enables the DBMS to quickly locate the desired record. It is not required to be unique, ie, there may be more than one record containing the same value. Answer: key [P; Ch9]
  183. File ____ procedures include adding records to a file, deleting records from a file, and changing records in a file. Answer: maintenance [P; Ch9]
  184. The term, ____, refers to online or Internet-based illegal acts. Answer: cybercrime [P; Ch10]
  185. A(n) ____ is someone who accesses a computer or network illegally but has the intent of destroying data, stealing information, or other malicious action. Answer: cracker [P; Ch10]
  186. A(n) ____ is a program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program. Answer: Trojan horse [P; Ch10]
  187. A(n) ____ is a potentially damaging computer program that affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the user’s knowledge or permission. Answer: virus [P; Ch10]
  188. A(n) ____ is a program that copies itself repeatedly, for example in memory or on a network, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network. Answer: worm [P; Ch10]
  189. A virus ____ is a known specific pattern of virus code. Answer: definition or signature [P; Ch10]
  190. A(n) ____ attack is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or e-mail.Answer: DoS or denial of service [P; Ch10]
  191. A(n) ____ is a program or set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security controls when accessing a program, computer, or network. Answer: back door [P; Ch10]
  192. A person breaking into a computer laboratory and smashing computers is an example of hardware ____. Answer: vandalism [P; Ch10]
  193. Software ____ is the unauthorized and illegal duplication of copyrighted software. Answer: piracy [P; Ch10]
  194. A corrupt individual stealing credit card numbers to make fraudulent purchases is an example of ____. Answer: information theft [P; Ch10]
  195. In its simplest form, a(n) ____ key is a programmed formula that is used to decrypt ciphertext. Answer: encryption [P; Ch10]
  196. ____ is the process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access. Answer: Encryption [P; Ch10]
  197. A(n) ____ program attempts to remove Internet junk mail like the kind shown in the accompanying figure before it reaches a user’s inbox. Answer: anti-spam [P; Ch10]
  198. System development cycles often organize activities by grouping them into larger categories called ____. Answer: phases [P; Ch11]
  199. The ____ phase of the cycle for a project begins when the steering committee receives a project request. Answer: planning [P; Ch11]
  200. The ____ phase of the cycle consists of two major activities: (1) conduct a preliminary investigation and (2) perform detailed analysis. Answer: analysis [P; Ch11]
  201. The ____ phase of the development cycle consists of two major activities: (1) if necessary, acquire hardware and software and (2) develop all the details of the new or modified information system. Answer: design [P; Ch11]
  202. The purpose of the ____ phase is to construct, or build, the new or modified system and then deliver it to the users. Answer: implementation [P; Ch11]
  203. ____ are sets of rules and procedures a company expects employees to accept and follow. Answer: Standards [P; Ch11]
  204. The horizontal axis of a Gantt chart represents ____. Answer: time [P; Ch11]
  205. ____ feasibility measures how well the proposed system will work. Answer: Operational [P; Ch11]
  206. ____ is a measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the company. Answer: Feasibility [P; Ch11]
  207. With ____ conversion, the user stops using the old system and begins using the new system on a certain date. Answer: direct [P; Ch11]
  208. In a(n) ____ conversion, each location converts at a separate time. Answer: phased [P; Ch11]
  209. With a(n) ____ conversion, only one location in the company uses the new system. Answer: pilot [P; Ch11]
  210. ____ conversion consists of running the old system alongside the new system for a specified time. Answer: Parallel [P; Ch11]
  211. A(n) ____ is a set of words, symbols, and codes that enables a programmer to communicate instructions to a computer. Answer: programming language [P; Ch11]
  212. ____ language, known as the first generation of programming languages, is the only language the computer directly recognizes. Answer: Machine [P; Ch11]
  213. Most traditional enterprises are organized in a(n) ____ manner.Answer: hierarchical [P; Ch12]
  214. The ____ manages core activities. Answer: COO (chief operating officer) [P; Ch12]
  215. The ____ management activity involves establishing goals and objectives.Answer: planning [P; Ch12]
  216. The ____ management activity involves measuring performance and, if necessary, taking corrective action. Answer: controlling [P; Ch12]
  217. ____ includes a set of activities that enterprises perform to optimize their business processes. Answer: BPM (Business process management) [P; Ch12]
  218. ____ includes several types of applications and technologies for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and providing access to information to help users make more sound business decisions. Answer: BI (Business intelligence) /or/ [P; Ch12]
  219. ____ provides easy exchange of information among business applications, reduces the need for human intervention in processes, and utilizes software to automate processes wherever possible. Answer: BPA (Business process automation) [P; Ch12]
  220. In a typical enterprise, ____ is the functional unit that is responsible for developing ideas into a product that can be used by customers. Answer: engineering [P; Ch12]
  221. A(n) ____ manages one or more human resources functions. Answer: HRIS (human resources information system) [P; Ch12]
  222. ____ uses a computer and special software to aid in product design. Answer: CAD (Computer-aided design) [P; Ch12]
  223. ____ uses computers to test product designs. Answer: CAE (Computer-aided engineering) [P; Ch12]
  224. ____ is the use of computers to control production equipment, like that shown in the accompanying figure. Answer: CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) [P; Ch12]
  225. ____ uses computers to integrate the many different operations of the manufacturing process. Answer: CIM (Computer-integrated manufacturing) [P; Ch12]
  226. ____ is an approach to information management in a manufacturing environment, like the one in the accompanying figure, that uses software to help monitor and control processes related to production. Answer: MRP (Material Requirements Planning) [P; Ch12]
  227. Using ____, engineers can test the design of a car or bridge before it is built. Answer: CAE (Computer-aided engineering) [P; Ch12]
  228. Some ____ programs allow the salesperson to upload information to the central office at the end of the day or the end of the week. Answer: SFA (sales force automation) [P; Ch12]
  229. A(n) ____ program routes customer telephone calls to the most appropriate support person depending on the identity of the customer or responses the customer gives to prompts. Answer: CIM (customer interaction management) [P; Ch12]
  230. ____ software manages the day-to-day interactions with customers, such as telephone calls, e-mail interactions, Web interactions, and instant messaging sessions. Answer: CIM (customer interaction management) [P; Ch12]
  231. Many companies elevate the importance of IT by including a(n) ____ executive position that reports to the CEO. Answer: CIO (chief information officer) [P; Ch12]
  232. A(n) ____ is an information system that enables employees to perform tasks using computers and other electronic devices, instead of manually. Answer: OIS (office information system) [P; Ch12]
  233. Explain the cloud computing term: XAASAnswer: Refers to Anything as a service, for example: SaaS -- Software as a service, or Paas -- Platform as a service [P; Ch12]
  234. Explain the cloud computing term: SAASAnswer: Software as a service, allows users to execute software over the network [P; Ch12]
  235. Define the cloud computing term: PAASAnswer: Platform as a service, provides a computer and its operating system available over the network [P; Ch12]
  236. What are two cloud computing service acronyms?Answer: SaaS -- Software as a service, or Paas -- Platform as a service. [P; Ch12]
  237. _____ is an Internet service that provides computing hardware or software needs rather than maintaining these resources in-house.Answer: cloud computing [P; Ch12]

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